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Forum Regulations

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§ 1. General provisions
  1. The Broken Ranks Game Forum located at is a part of the website belonging to the Whitemoon company. Its main task is to integrate players, facilitate contact with members of the Broken Ranks Crew and the development of the Game.
  2. Registration on the Forum is free of charge and voluntary.
  3. Registration results in creating of an Account on the terms contained in these Regulations and means that the User has read its content and accepted it in full.
  4. A person who wants to register declares that he is of legal age or has the consent of his parents (legal guardians) for the above-mentioned registration and participation in the Game.
  5. These Regulations are a set of rights and rules in force on the Forum. It applies to activity in Forum sections, private messages and information contained in User Profiles.
  6. The Regulations apply to every User of the Forum, regardless of their rank.
    1. in exceptional and justified circumstances, a member of the Crew has the right to act against the provisions of the Forum Regulations, if it is absolutely necessary to maintain the socio-economic purpose of the Forum.
  7. The administration reserves the right to amend the Regulations. Users will be informed about the changes via the Forum.
  8. The Forum Regulations are subordinate to the Game Regulations (, all provisions in the Game Regulations apply to the Game Forum.
  9. In the event of a conflict between the norms of individual regulations, the provisions of the Game Regulations shall prevail over the provisions of the Chat Regulations, the Forum Regulations and the Discord Channel Regulations.
§ 2. Ranks
The ranks were created to ensure order on the Forum. Each Rank has its own unique colour, corresponding to the rights of the User of that rank on the Forum.
  1. The basic rank is "ordinary User" who does not have any additional rights.
  2. Special ranks:
    1. Game chat moderator - Supervises and controls the players' compliance with the in-game chat rules.
    2. Forum moderator - Supervises and controls the players' compliance with the forum regulations, helps in solving their problems and manages the forum.
    3. Game Master (GM) - The server manager, supervises the moderators, helps players with more complex problems in the game and on the forum.
    4. Engineer - Participates in the development and implementation of changes to the game. It is an advisory body / expert on advanced technical issues regarding game mechanics.
    5. Administrator - Deals with the most important elements in the game.
§ 3. General Rules
They were created to keep order on the Forum. Detailed rules are included in § 4.
  1. Each Player is obliged to follow the rules of Netiquette, which is a collection of decent behaviour on the Internet ( ... netiquette).
  2. Each of the Team members has the right to write a comment in each post in accordance with § 5.1.
  3. The maximum length of a Signature is five lines of text.
  4. It is forbidden to use indecent expressions or insults in the player's nickname and to register nicknames that are political, racist or pointing to other websites.
  5. It is forbidden to impersonate other users of the forum or the game.
  6. It is forbidden to have multiple accounts on the forum or to create a new account in order to avoid penalties.
  7. Topics on the Forum:
    1. Before creating a topic, make sure that it has not already been mentioned, so as not to duplicate the topics.
    2. Talk about topics related only to the "Broken Ranks" game or other elements of the website (not applicable to the "Creativity" section). Topics with other issues may be deleted or edited. In particular, beware of posts on topics that evoke turbulent emotions - politics, religion, etc.
    3. Choose the name of the topic so that it clearly shows the issue being discussed.
    4. Place the topics in the appropriate sections.
    5. Do not post any advertisements for other products, especially games. Such topics will be removed and the user will be penalized. Accounts advertising other products will be blocked.
    6. Crew members have the right to correct, amend, move, close or delete a given topic without justification. The justification may be provided by the PM or an entry in the topic according to predetermined rules.
  8. Posts in forum topics
    1. Do not use vulgarism.
    2. Do not provoke, insult or slander other Forum Users. Try to maintain a good atmosphere and respect the interlocutors.
    3. Do not spam (do not write posts like "I'm in favour", there are polls for voting; and nothing that makes comments like "regret", "stupid topic", inserting only smiles, etc.).
    4. Write constructively and to the point. In the Tavern, it is allowed to reply to the posts of others in connection with the ongoing discussion.
    5. Posts containing homophobic, racist, pornographic content, incitement to commit a crime or other acts inconsistent with the generally applicable law and with the Game Regulations are strictly forbidden. In addition, controversial issues in terms of worldview are forbidden, incl. political or religious.
    6. Use the colours, sizes and other text tools only to underline (highlight) part of the post. Do not use the colours reserved for Crew Members - pink, green, blue, orange, red. Do not write the entire post with any other formatting than the usual (acceptable in the "Marketplace"). Write your posts in such a way as not to obstruct the viewing of the Forum. Quote only passages that you refer to, quoting entire posts unnecessarily will be removed.
    7. Don't bump up old, outdated topics if you have nothing new to contribute. Try to use the "bump" option that appears with older topics. If you have updated your "shop" in the "Market" section, you can also raise the topic with a Post with relevant information about the changes (updates) made in it.
    8. Do not write Post under the Post. To do this, use the "edit" option. Writing a Post under the Post is allowed in the Marketplace and topics where nothing has happened for a long time.
    9. Do not post content that promotes game hacks, bugs, and workarounds. Use the appropriate department or PM to report such issues to the appropriate Team members.
    10. Do not write about the penalties of your own or other users from the forum or game. Do not make support cases public, regardless of whether they have been closed or are still waiting for an answer.
    11. Do not disclose your own or other people's personal data.
    12. Do not reveal private messages without the consent of their author. A user whose messages have been made public may apply for their deletion and punishment of the person making them public.
    13. Do not post about Whitemoon's unpublished material.
    14. It is forbidden to delete moderator or administrator editing.
    15. It is forbidden to remove the entire content with the use of editing done by users.
  9. Writing private messages
    1. The same rules apply as in the points above. Cases of breaking the Regulations through private messages will be treated individually. Please report any such case to the Forum Moderator or via Support -
§ 4. Detailed rules concerning activity in sections.
A set of rules related to the activity in the Forum sections.
  1. Deletion of Posts and Topics: Topics and Posts that grossly violate the Regulations will be deleted.
  2. Archiving of topics: topics that are out of date, inactive, closed by the author or the Crew can be archived. Detailed archiving rules for individual tabs can be found in the form of announcements on the Forum.
  3. Moving topics: The Crew may transfer topics to the Forum if they think that another section is the right place for them.
§ 5. Sanctions
Appropriate sanctions will be imposed on Users for breaking the provisions of the Regulations.
  1. Verbal comment
    1. A Crew Member has the right to bring the User to the attention of the topic of incorrect behaviour on the Forum through a private message or entry in a post that violates the rules. Such an entry is in itself a sanction of a reprimand. Its purpose is to inform the User in the event of a minor breach of the Regulations, such as e.g. accidental copying of the Topic, single spam / offtop.
    2. If the User, after receiving the verbal comment, repeats the procedure, he/she will receive a warning.
    3. A Crew Member may use this sanction interchangeably with the warning.
  2. Warnings
    1. Imposed on Forum Users for ordinary offenses, such as, for example, persistent spam / strong profanity / insulting other Forum Users, etc. Restrictions will be imposed on the User for collecting an appropriate number of warnings:
      1. 3 warnings - ban for a week
      2. 5 warnings - ban for two weeks
      3. 10 warnings - ban for a month
      4. the case of a greater number of warnings, the imposed restrictions will be set individually - up to a permanent ban.
    2. If the user repeats the procedure after receiving the warning, he or she may receive a temporary ban. In particular, for re-uploading a deleted post or topic.
  3. Individually imposed restrictions
    1. Forum Moderator / Game Master / Administrator or another Crew member with appropriate permissions has the right to immediately impose a ban on the User of a specified or indefinite duration with justification. By the Administrator's decision, the User may receive a ban on the Forum for offenses in the game and vice versa. If you have any questions about the penalty imposed please contact
§ 6. Appeals
  1. Each User has the right to appeal against the penalty of ban and warning imposed on him.
  2. Appeals against Forum penalties should be submitted via Support:
  3. The content of the appeal must contain the User's nickname, appropriate justification and the most detailed explanation of the circumstances and information, including: title, links to Topics / Posts (if possible) and / or screenshots for which the User was punished.
  4. Undocumented appeals will not be considered.
§ 7. Processing of personal data
  1. On the Forum, in order to service the User and implement the provisions of the Regulations of individual elements of the website, we process personal data such as IP and e-mail address. More detailed information on the processing of your personal data by us throughout the website, and other information on personal data and privacy can be found here:
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