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Team finder

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We researched the solutions used in other MMORPGs to make our party finder as intuitive as possible. We determined what our needs are and what problems this feature may bring, and created its initial version (concept).

As we mentioned, some features will not be there for the release, but we decided that this one is the most important of them and will need to be present – after all, creating parties is the basis of every MMORPG. We want to make this part easier and more comfortable. Thanks to the finder, looking for the right person will be much simpler.

We want it to be as simple to use as possible, at least at the beginning of the game. More complex, advanced options will appear as your characters level up.

The finder will be divided into three categories. You’ll be able to form a party or look for an existing party for:

Automatic search - a simple option you’ll be able to use to create a party for the chosen instance. It’ll be possible to continue doing other things while the other members join the party.
Party list - this option will let you clearly define the requirements for party members and the goals of the party (not just instances - also events, hunting champions, etc.). If you want to join a party, you need to choose one from the list. If you are organizing it, you’ll be able to accept or decline applications.
Advanced - more options that become available as you level up.
The party finder’s not only meant to make looking for other people easier. It’ll also let you teleport to the area around the instance entrance and talk to the other party members using a special chat.

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