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What type of game is Broken Ranks?
Broken Ranks is a low fantasy MMORPG with a vast, open world, an immersive, non-linear storyline, and a unique, turn-based combat system. The game uses an isometric view reminiscent of classic, popular titles like Baldur’s Gate.

A multitude of players, alone or in a party, explore cities teeming with life, cloud-covered mountaintops, forgotten ruins full of mysteries and dread, and many other lands.

Are there various character classes available in the game?
There are seven classes you can choose from. Each of them has 5 basic, common abilities and 9 unique abilities that the other classes don't have access to.

Available classes:
  • Fire Mages - experts in offensive fire spells. Fire Mages focus on dealing massive damage, mostly from a distance.
    Voodoos - magicians that harness dark powers. They are experts in weakening foes with mental attacks.
    Druids - excellent healers who understand the language of nature and are able to summon its strength. The ability to heal friends and immobilize foes let Druids support the whole party very well.
    Barbarians - fearless warriors that charge into combat without hesitation. They can deal incredible amounts of damage with melee weapons.
    Knights - intrepid warriors who inspire their companions. They focus on empowering and protecting other party members.
    Archers - disciplined hunters boasting uncanny precision and sharpened senses. Thanks to them, they are great at weakening foes and dealing damage from a distance.
    Sheeds - warriors using the agility and strength of their own bodies in battle. They are melee combatants who weaken their foes by attacking their vulnerable spots.

What’s the story about?
It’s a story about a refugee looking for their own place in a new world and, at the same time, about a hero who needs to find strength to regain what the invaders took from them. They need to find their way in a brutal reality where everyday brings new challenges but also opportunities.

What does combat look like?
Combat in Broken Ranks is turn-based and every combatant chooses their actions at the same time. You have only 10 seconds to choose what you’re going to do, so in order to defeat challenging enemies, you need both good cooperation and fast reaction times.

Is there PvP in the game?
Yes. There are plenty of special PvP spots in the open world marked with red or black. Fights between players follow the same rules as PvE fights - they are turn-based and you have 10 seconds to choose what you want to do.

Will guilds be available in Broken Ranks?
Yes, you’ll be able to form guilds and create your own community around them. You’ll get a separate guild chat that allows for a more efficient communication, forum, shoutbox, and also headquarters that you’ll be able to upgrade. Guilds deepen connections between players but also have additional benefits such as temple bonuses, guild pets, teleportation tower and a deposit where you can put your items.

When will the game be released?
Broken Ranks servers will launch on January 25th at 5PM CET. Get ready to explore its world!

Will there be an in-game voice chat?
Voice chats will not be available in-game, but you can use our official Discord channel for voice communication: https://discord.gg/brokenranks

Will the game be available on Steam?
We’re thinking about it. At first, the game will be available only through our game client that you can download from the homepage https://brokenranks.com

Will I be able to play on any Windows version?
You’ll be able to play Broken Ranks on any Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Both 64bit and 32bit versions are supported.

Will the game be released on other operating systems?
We plan to make a MacOS version available after the initial launch. There are currently no plans to release Broken Ranks on Linux.

Are you going to release a mobile version? If so, when?
We’re working on a mobile client (Android and IOS), but the PC version is our top priority. The PC version will be the only one available at launch and we plan to release the mobile version some time later.

What will the system requirements be for the mobile version?
Android: 1GB RAM, minimum resolution of 1280×720, and a dual core processor. Our test devices with the lowest parameters that allow for a more or less smooth gameplay are Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5. The minimum screen size for comfortable gameplay is 4.3". The bigger the screen, the better your experience.

IOS: We haven't started testing on Apple devices yet. Due to screen size, we probably won't support phones older than iPhone 6. The oldest supported tablet will be iPad 3 (iPad 2's resolution might be too low).

Can I create a game account before the launch?
Yes, all you need to do is register on the homepage (https://brokenranks.com). If you create an account there, it’ll also work for Broken Ranks. If you already have a Taern account, there’s no need to register (your account will be transferred).

Will I be able to log in / create an account through Facebook?
We’re thinking about it, but this feature won't be available at launch.

What are the minimum system requirements?
CPU: i3 or equal,
GPU: supporting 4k textures,
512 MB VRAM,

What are the recommended system requirements?
CPU: i5 or equal,
GPU: supporting 4k textures,

Will Broken Ranks be cross-platform?
Yes, both the mobile and PC/Mac versions will let you play together with your friends. However, please keep in mind that platforms other than PC will not be available at launch.

Will you release Broken Ranks on consoles?
There are currently no plans to do this.

What will happen to The Pride of Taern accounts, characters, and servers?
Taern servers will be launched in Broken Ranks and all the accounts, together with characters, will be transferred to the new version of the game. You’ll keep everything you've earned in Taern, but we also plan to launch new servers so that players can have a fresh start.

Will the game be available in languages other than Polish and English?
Yes, apart from English and Polish, the game will be translated to Russian, German, French, and Portuguese. Will we support other languages? Only time will tell.

Will there be dedicated servers for different countries?
There’ll be dedicated servers for each language. All our language versions are listed above. Of course, this doesn't mean that someone from Portugal can’t play, e.g. On a Russian server. However, you’ll need to keep in mind the fact that player communication, and all the content of the game will be available only in the language of the server.

Will additional translations delay the release?
Translations are handled by a separate team, so the production time won't be affected.

What technology/engine will Broken Ranks use?
Technology: Adobe AIR
Engine: Away3d + Starling + Feathers

I’m interested in writing a review / creating content about Broken Ranks. Who can I contact?
We're open to cooperation. All you need to do is contact our PR department at [email protected].

If you've already created some content related to BR, we’d be grateful if you could send it to us at the address above.

I’ve participated in the Broken Ranks Open Beta. Will I be able to play my character after the launch?
Unfortunately no. These were only test characters and we repeated this many times. They’ll be deleted before the game is launched. We want every player to start from an equal footing.

Will everything we know from Taern be available in Broken Ranks?
Yes, everything you know from The Pride of Taern will be moved to Broken Ranks, but some things will not be available at the release. Some elements that we still want to perfect will be added over time with post-release updates.

Some short, older quests will not be transferred to Broken Ranks and some others were restructured and refreshed. Our goal is to deliver high-quality and engaging content.

The following will not be available at the release:
instances: Puppet Master, Castle Specter, Aqua Regis, Valdarog,
some sidequests (e.g. those related to the above instances),
the models of some champions will be added in a simplified, temporary version (they’ll be finished after the release).

What new features will be available in Broken Ranks?
With the new engine, we have a lot of new possibilities, so we’ve implemented things that until now couldn’t be added. Some of them will be available at the release, some will come with post-release updates.

As far as new features that will be available at the release go, we’ll have, among others:
  • updated character creator with the possibility to choose your skin tone,
    world map with an exploration section,
    hidden treasures,
    new, larger guild headquarters map,
    tutorials that will explain the basics of the game mechanics to new players,
    new prologue with a new intro,
    refreshed quests and additional sidequests,
    completely new interface,
    new gear skins,
    synergetics – a completely new item type,
    basic and advanced party finder,
    new language versions,
    new mechanics in old locations (e.g. the Specters instance and the entrance to it),
    refresh, redesign, expansion of maps,
    redesigned character development and rewards,
    refreshed AI of some bosses and mobs,
    new music and sound effects,
    many other miscellaneous features that you’ll discover in January.
Moreover, many things have changed both visually (mobs, areas, attach animations, etc.) and functionally, e.g. all maps are now bigger.

Will I have to pay to play the game?
Broken Ranks is a F2P (Free to Play) game. This means that the game itself is free. All you need to do is download the client from our website.

Will there be a premium currency?
Yes, we have a premium currency called platinum that you can spend on various features. However, players are free to trade platinum between themselves, so you can just buy or get it from other players in exchange for items or gold. This opens many possibilities as there’s no need to spend money on the game - a feature that is absent from other MMOs.

Does this mean that Broken Ranks is a pay-to-win game?
Definitely not. You don't need premium currency to have fun in the game. In addition to that, you can buy it or get it from other players (it can be traded like any other item).

In the current version of the game (The Pride of Taern), this system proved to be very well designed (as compared to some other games), making our community quite happy. Our model makes it easier to simply enjoy the game and also boosts the game economy.

The main thing you can do with platinum is change your appearance, e.g. with various skins. There are also things you can buy with it that affect the game, but spending money on platinum is never required.

Since Broken Ranks is frequently compared to other games (including mobiles ones), we want to dispel some doubts: Our item shop doesn't include any items that give players a huge advantage over others. Gear can only be gained by fighting bosses, special mobs or by trading with other players. Most other items can be crafted and the time to make them (instead of buying them with premium currency) is often insignificant. We know that this is an important topic, so we’ll for sure devote more space to it in the news section of our website.

Where can I find Broken Ranks on social media?
You can join our communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. We also have a Youtube channel. If you want to be able to talk to the developers or other players directly, you can join our Discord server.
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