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Helpful tips refering to first steps in game made by players.
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FAQ supplement

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The release of Broken Ranks exceeded our wildest expectations and the servers are (literally) bursting at the seams. We’re very proud that so many players found what they were looking for in the world of our game and we’re aware of the responsibility this puts on us. That’s why we’re working day and night (also literally) to provide the best quality gameplay and stability.
Due to numerous questions, we have some information for you.

You can find answers to other basic questions in our previous post.

Where can I report problems with the game, installation, etc.?
You can report your issues on our Discord or on https://support.brokenranks.com/ If you don’t have an account there, please create it using the email of your account in the game (for faster verification and identification of the issues).

Are you publishing patchnotes anywhere?
Yes, we recently added a changelog section to our website. The link is in the upper menu. We’ll try to keep you updated on the changes.

Will the transfer system of skins bought in the store be changed?
We’re aware that the current system of transferring premium skins and other special skins (e.g. event ones) to each part of gear is very clumsy.

Ultimately, the mechanism for transferring their appearance was meant to be a completely separate system. The current mechanism of morphing them is temporary and will only be used for rare gear in the future.

We would like to meet the demands of our community and have already designed a new appearance transfer system dedicated to special skins (including premium ones). The implementation of it is a priority on our list.

When the new system is implemented, it will be applied to the skins you’ve already bought. What does it mean? You’ll be able to change skins on your character easily and without the need to pay for morphing your appearance.

What about the 32bit Windows patch?
It’s ready. You need to apply it manually, it’ll become automatic at a later date. You can download the patch HERE.

Installation instructions:

Run the launcher to download the latest update.
Close the launcher.
Download the patch: https://download-fr2.brokenranks.com/pc ... _patch.zip
Unzip it to Whitemoon/BrokenRanks - overwrite existing files.
Run the launcher.
WARNING! Until we make the procedure automatic, you'll have to repeat the steps above every time there's a new update.

When will you release a Broken Ranks wiki?
We’d like to leave this to the players. There are many engaged people in our community who are fascinated by Broken Ranks. We have nothing against fan projects and we’re happy that they’re popping up. At a later date, we may choose our favorite wiki to link in our game as a way of promoting it. If you want to create a wiki, let us know at [email protected] (please be patient, we’ll reply as soon as we’re able).

Is there any way we can send fanart or other fan-made materials related to BR?
You can post them on our Discord in the Community Corner section or/and on our forum.

Will there be class guides?
Guides were usually created by our veteran players. We hope that they’ll share their experience with you. The best articles may be published on our social media channels (e.g. Facebook). You can also post them on our Forum or Discord (Community Content -> Guides).

We may also publish some tutorials for new players at a later date.

When will you move the EU and RU servers from The Pride of Taern to Broken Ranks?
Accounts from The Pride of Taern on the EU servers will be moved before February 2nd. As for the Russian server, the option to move to Broken Ranks will also become available before February 2nd.

When will you launch 2D again?
The Russian Pride of Taern server is on. We’ve also launched the Polish and EU ones.

When will I be able to transfer my character from Broken Ranks into 2D?
For now, you can ask to be transferred on support.brokenranks.com - we’ll add a special button for this in the game at a later date. The ticket has to be created from the same email account your in-game account is registered at and include the name of the character to be transferred. The transfer is irreversible (you won’t be able to go back to Broken Ranks).

What happens to synergetics once they are depleted?
Their psycho properties stop working (same as psychorares). You need to charge them back up (e.g. the smith in Trentis will do it for you).

What do the errors #3683 and #3766 mean when launching the game?
First of all, check file integrity (the button next to PLAY in the launcher). Next, check if your graphic card drivers are up to date. If this doesn’t help, make sure your graphic card supports 4k textures (you can check this e.g. on the manufacturer’s website).

Does the Broken Ranks client download updates automatically?
Yes. All you need to do is exit the client and then run the launcher again. The updates will be downloaded automatically unless something is blocking them, e.g. your firewall or antivirus. It’s best to download updates whenever they are available.

If my character has special characters in their name, can I now buy platinum?
Yes, we identified the problem and fixed it. If you ordered platinum before the fix, it should be in your backpack (on the character it was ordered from).

Will you be launching new servers?
Yes, it's possible. we’re monitoring the situation and launching new servers whenever necessary. There are really a lot of people wanting to play, so we try to react dynamically and adjust to the needs.

What about the quest issues for players imported from The Pride of Taern?
There was a problem with taking some quests that we fixed in one of the recent updates. We also added the Prologue to your completed quests (it’s required for some other quests). If you update your client, it should work fine for you.

To display the quest list, press Q. To see a list of tasks, press Z.

Where can the platinum I bought be found?
Your platinum is most like in your backpack (it’s a normal item). You can trade it with other players or use it by dragging and dropping it onto your character. The platinum will be transferred to your character then and you’ll be able to use it directly in the game (e.g. to buy things in the platinum store).

How to change the avatar of my character?
Open the attributes window (next to the skills window in the upper menu), then click on the avatar. You have both normal and premium options available. The premium options need to be unlocked only once and then you have them available at all times. Whenever you change your avatar, you need to make a small platinum payment.

What about pigments?
As for pigments, as we announced previously, colored gear was reverted to default. The ability to change the color of your gear will be implemented at a later date. When it is implemented, we’ll give you the pigments you lost.

If I’m playing on an EU server, can I also play on a DE server (or any other)?
Yes. After launching the client, when you’re logging in, you can just choose a different flag to access various language versions. For example, if you choose the German flag and log in, you’ll see a list of German servers. It’s worth noting though that you’ll need to use the language version of the server.
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