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Yo, so its that time of the server and there are a few, lets say, "ovverripe apples", or so to speak that attack with much higher lv whoever low they can attack. Its not those lv 140s, they know the game enough to know the struggle of newbies, its like lv 70s-100s ive seen attacking on white whatever guy they see is not so fashionable - they assume shinier clothes eq is higher lv, even before they chack for lv. Sadly they are mostly right and they pray on so much weaker. Now, the faction system has done a lot to prevent unvilling attacks, yet it is happening right now that a few of these guys can spoil the game for many. I think you guys ought to bring the pumpmaster back, to redeem justice, possibly program him to appear every, not just some % of time, when the attacked player is half or more the size of the attacking player.
For these new players, let me explain what im talking about and what has been lost - pumpmaster is an npc that was coded to join a much weaker side in combat- if ure attacked half lv (pets are counted too, but half as player, like if lv 40 raven, thats 20 lvs). He would join in the 1st round and mop the floor with bullies, while hopefully protecting u in the process - only the fights that were very unfair, double the lvs and more if I remember correctly.
There were 2 pumps - the very old one had mostly fire mage skills and would win, they were unbeatable, programmed to be so. The problem with him was, while it would kill the unfair attacking player (or players and all pets in that party), the weaker side would also die, a lot of times - because it was often a lot weaker. So they created a 2nd pumpmaster, which had kn skills. It was also unbeatable, but what made it better was protection - you would not usualy die. I say usualy because some smartpants would pierce doll, or meteorite and it would still be sometimes enough, to avoid prot and kill, cuz, again, too much lv difference. Eh, if they manage, they manage, it still recquired some skill and they would die for sure. It made these guys think twice about starting this kind of a fight. Thats exactly what we need now.
I dont know why we lost the pump- it baffles me that we went from a fire mage that wins, but cant prot, to the kn who wins and prot to the ghost mage that doesn't exist xD A bit of the disconnection in the logic there, lol.
I get that the pvp system has changed and its less fights, but it still has a need for an unfair fight stoppage, or so, now that some people are doing it. I know that a new friend of mine just stopped playing after us high lvs couldnt protect him every time against someone who is like 58 lvs higher all the time, persistent bastard xD, I dont think he is coming back, population can only go smaller from these folks. People of wyvern right now, most of them, value security and being allive too much for my liking, they would adore pump xD Less opportunity for a fight means it's less opportunity for us who want to punish such behaviour the same way, make them taste their own medicine, more rare, so wouldnt be a bad thing for to have a hanging club over the head of anyone who tries this xD Pump is perfect solution and not a new thing, it would be very useful for wyvern right now. Do some codes, whatever u need, bring him back, make na new one, whatever, wyverners will thank you xD
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Re: Pumpmaster

Post by Matureaus »

The pumpmaster was an NPC that would join the weaker side in a PvP fight, if the level difference between the two sides was more than 50%. The pumpmaster had two versions: a fire mage and a knight. The fire mage was more powerful, but could also harm the weaker side. The knight was less powerful, but could protect the weaker side better

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Re: Pumpmaster

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The proposal to reintroduce Pumpmaster to prevent these unfair attacks is a good idea. Game creators need to listen and consider the opinions of the gaming community to improve the gaming experience for everyone.

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